Sisters of The Cross and Passion

The Sisters of the Cross and Passion were founded by Elizabeth Prout in Manchester, England, in 1852, during the time of the Industrial Revolution.

Elizabeth witnessed dire poverty and identified education as a means for people to escape from poverty, find employment and improve their quality of life.

From modest beginnings Elizabeth and her companions established a tradition of education in many countries which sought to respect the culture and values of those countries, and to respond to the challenges of the times. Today the sisters still endeavour to respond creatively to the new challenges of the age whether in education or other areas of social need.

Our school communities aspire to create a positive environment in the belief that through caring relationships students:

• Learn respect for self, others and the natural world

• Develop a love of learning and appreciation of their talents

• Share their gifts and resources in a spirit of compassion for the building of a more just world.

• Learn the meaning of inclusive community which celebrates difference and acknowledges mutual interdependence.

It is our hope that the students will become creative, independent adults who can take their place in society and whose lives reflect gospel values.