Our chosen theme for Le Chéile Day 2023 is connected to themes that have taken place previously this year, such as:

  • Catholic Schools Week “Walking Together in Faith & Love”
  • Le Chéile Conference “The Harmony of the hands, heart & mind in Catholic Education”
  • Le Chéile’s first Student Symposium in Knock – faith groups coming together in celebration of their Catholic Faith.

This year’s theme for Le Chéile Day is “Celebrating our Catholic Faith”

It is the last day before the Easter holidays on March 31st.

The guidance given to schools was – schools are so creative, and the theme is open to interpretation but some suggestions below to give you ideas.

  • Celebration of Catholic Faith in some way e.g., prayer service
  • Ember/Faith team demonstrate their work at assembly.
  • Podcast/newsletter/TikTok video release
  • Account of experiences during CSW/Le Chéile Conference/student symposium
  • Emphasis on Gospel values – quote given to all members of the community.
  • Symbols/Song/Artwork
  • Founding congregation involvement

Please see this video of what our schools did for Le Chéile Day 2023