Middle Leadership

Developing Middle Leadership Capacity 2022/2023 Course Details

Date Venue Competency Covered
Saturday 22nd October 2022 Sheraton Hotel, Athlone 10am to 3.30pm Leadership In a Faith School


Management & Administration including Managing the Organisation

Wednesday 7th December 2022 Zoom Session 6-8 pm Promotion of a Holistic Development Culture including Leading Learning and Teaching
Wednesday 25th January 2023 Zoom Session 6-8 pm Interpersonal Relationships including Developing Leadership Capacity
Saturday 25th March 2023 Hodson Bay Hotel Athlone 10am to 3.30pm Strategic Management including Leading School Development

Self-awareness & Self-management Skills

Note: For certification you must attend all sessions


Course Aims & Content

The aims of the course are:

  • To develop teacher leadership capacity in our schools
  • To explore the Competencies Framework
  • To examine the Leadership and Management Domains in the Looking at Our Schools Framework
  • To prepare for a senior leadership role.

The course content will be based on the JMB competencies Framework for Principal and Deputy Principal.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To develop skills and competencies to engage in a potential leadership role.
  • To build an understanding and awareness of the Competencies Framework for senior leadership.
  • To reflect on leadership activities in line with the Competencies Framework


Competencies for Principal JMB Framework 
Leadership in a Faith School

Definition: The Principal promotes the building of a school community in its religious tradition and in accordance with the values of the school’s mission statement and expressed philosophy. As a significant occupational requirement of Principalship the successful candidate will be called upon to understand, protect and promote the stated characteristic spirit of the school. He/she will be committed to the demands implied in such protection and promotion. He/she will operate in accordance with the quality of action, function and presence laid down by the Board of Management on behalf of the Trustees, as necessary for the carrying out of this role.

Promotion of a Holistic Development Culture including Leading Learning and Teaching 

Definition: The Principal creates and promotes a culture of improvement, collaboration, innovation and creativity in learning, teaching, and assessment, managing the planning and implementation of the school curriculum. He/she fosters a commitment to inclusion, equality of opportunity and the holistic development of each student through the formal Curriculum together with Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular subjects and activities, all of which are informed by and contribute to the school’s characteristic spirit.  He/she fosters teacher professional development that enriches teachers’ and students’ learning, promoting the achievement of high educational outcomes.

Interpersonal Relationships including Developing Leadership Capacity   

Definition: The Principal critiques his/her practice as leader and develops his/her understanding of effective and sustainable leadership. He/she collaboratively builds and maintains professional and respectful relationships with staff, students, parents, and other support agencies, including building professional networks with other school leaders. The Principal establishes, builds, and leads staff teams in all areas of school life. He/she promotes and facilitates the development of student voice, student participation, and student leadership. The Principal uses appropriate communication skills to empower staff to take on and carry out leadership roles. He/She appropriately anticipates, addresses, and manages the conflictual challenges that inevitably accompany this role. The Principal also encourages and fosters the building of leadership capacity among staff in all areas of school life that support the achievement of the school’s mission and vision as articulated by the Board of Management.

Management & Administration including Managing the Organisation 

Definition: The Principal manages the school’s human, physical and financial resources to create and maintain a learning organisation, managing challenging and complex situations in a manner that demonstrates equality, fairness and justice. The Principal leads the school in on-going evaluation of the school’s activities and relationships in the light of its goals as established by the Board of Management and as identified as part of School Self-Evaluation (SSE). He/she uses a range of relevant planning and organisational techniques and systems to set priorities, goals and timetables that ensure effective use of time and resources. He/she establishes an orderly, secure, and healthy learning environment, and maintains it through effective communication. He/she develops and implements a system to promote professional responsibility and accountability.

Strategic Management including Leading School Development    

Definition: The Principal demonstrates the ability to manage, lead and mediate change to respond to the evolving needs of the school and to changes in education including the legislative framework in which schools operate. This involves working with all stakeholders to communicate the characteristic spirit and guiding vision for the school and lead its realisation. The Principal leads the school’s engagement in a continuous process of self-evaluation and strategic planning. He/she builds and maintains relationships with parents, with other schools, and with the wider community.

Self-awareness & Self-management Skills 

Definition: The Principal demonstrates an awareness of his/her strengths and areas for improvement and has the capacity to manage them appropriately. The Principal receives and gives feedback; he/she models and promotes a culture of self-reflection. He/she attends to his/her own wellbeing as well as assisting others to attend to their own wellbeing. The Principal demonstrates the capacity to manage his/her own difficult emotions and is self-aware enough to know when to seek support particularly when dealing with challenging situations. He/she is able to motivate himself/herself and attend to developing his/her self-awareness and self-management skills.

Here’s what the students of our Developing Middle Leadership Capacity Course had to say about it

I would really recommend this course for anyone considering taking up a position of leadership within a school community. It gave great insight into what skills and character are necessary for successful leadership.


Really enjoyable. Great to hear from the personal experiences from the leaders.


A worthwhile practical support in preparation for senior leadership roles


Fantastic opportunity for all middle leaders to gain insight from excellent school leaders, there is a perfect balance of real-life examples and advice on senior leadership interview process. Highly recommend to all future school leaders.


It was great to have the space to allow myself time to think about my career and the potential development of it. Hearing from teachers in other schools was fantastic and the wealth of knowledge from the speakers was invaluable. It was clear that they loved their role in education and that was infectious. Thanks so much!


By delivering it through the voice of experts, it gave a very open and honest view of leadership in schools.


I’ve attended a lot of leadership CPD courses over the past 10 years, and this course will always stand out in my mind for the amazing insight we have got into the management and leadership experiences of some of Ireland’s top Principals. They have been so generous and honest in sharing their own leadership and practice. It has also been a great opportunity to reflect on my own role within my school and my path in leadership. School life is hectic so time away in this space has felt very rewarding and worthwhile. Also, for anyone actively preparing for interview the advice and insights shared have been invaluable. Thank you all!


By attending the middle leadership course i developed valuable knowledge and insights into management from presenters but also from the group discussions.


I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering applying for a post of responsibility or a DP/P position. This was a very useful and insightful course to prepare for a post as a DP and Principal. Lots of valuable discussions by experienced members of the leadership team in a school. 


This course challenges you think outside the box. It makes you realise how much you are doing or not. How much are supporting your school management? It makes you ask yourself questions you maybe not comfortable with as you may not like the answer? It opens your eyes to the next level of work in a school.


A hugely thought-provoking course with very practical advice for anyone interested in school leadership and preparing for interview as DP/Principal. Presenters were excellent, who are all speaking from personal experiences in leadership roles. Many thanks!


Very positive and constructive course, great discussions accepting of everyone’s views and opinions. Great speakers and leaders. Many thanks!


Speakers were inspirational, honesty and willingness to share their expertise was inspiring. 


Honest, helpful narratives from Educational experts about their experiences of demonstrating the skills under each competency. Some wonderful nuggets of wisdom taken away from each session!


If you are keen to develop your role and your capacity to fulfil your role at API or APII I would highly recommend this course. Also, this is a hugely insightful course into how management works in schools, great ideas, honest sharing and lots of support at whatever part of the journey you are on.


Invaluable resource to further your career in education.