Instructions for schools considering a building related project.

In all cases Le Chéile approval must be obtained in advance for any building projects beyond routine maintenance. These projects include:-

All Capital Projects including Summer Works and/or Emergency Works Schemes.

Extensions, improvements or replacement of the School Building.

This applies to all Department of Education funded projects (fully or partly funded), and to all such projects funded from other sources.

The Síol / Le Chéile Property and Buildings Policy, and the Síol/Le Chéile patron approval process are currently being reviewed and it is expected that the updated policy and procedures will be issued to all schools by February 2024, and will be available on this website.

In the meantime, all Le Chéile school Principal`s and Boards of Management are reminded of the following:

Le Chéile schools must comply with the Le Chéile Building Approval Process.  This is a three part process as follows:​

Part 1 – Approval to Apply for a Grant

A board of management is not permitted to commence any project or to apply to the Department of Education for any building works grant unless they have obtained written approval from the Le Chéile Trust.  ​

A copy of the application form which must be submitted to the Le Chéile Trust should be requested via email to [email protected]

Part 2 – Application to Commence the Project

Upon receipt of approval of funding from the Department of Education the board of management must apply to the Le Chéile Trust for approval to commence the project and no further steps should be taken by the board of management until they have written approval from the Le Chéile Trust.  ​

The Le Chéile Buildings Advisor will provide written approval to commence the project and will provide a checklist of documentation which the board of management must submit to the Le Chéile Trust for this part of the project.    ​

A copy of the application form which must be submitted and a checklist of documents which must be submitted should be requested via email to [email protected]

Part 3 – Application to Commence Construction

Upon receipt of the letter of approval from the Department of Education to commence construction the board of management must apply to the Le Chéile Trust for approval to commence construction.  ​

The Le Chéile Buildings Advisor will issue a written letter of approval from the Le Chéile Trust together with a checklist of documents to be submitted to the Le Chéile Trust for this part of the project.    ​

This is particularly important at the construction stage as that is when boards of management are most vulnerable to the incurring of additional costs and need to closely monitor costs on an ongoing basis.

A copy of the application form which must be submitted to the Le Chéile Buildings Advisor and a checklist of documents which must be submitted to the Le Chéile Trust for part 3 of the project should be requested via email to [email protected]

If you have any questions in relation to the Le Chéile approvals process contact Pat Flynn (0868256329 / [email protected])