Religious Of Christian Education

The Religious of Christian Education, a small International Congregation was founded in Normandy, France in 1817 by Father Louis Lafosse and four women. France was troubled after the Revolution and there was a great need for education, especially for girls.

Maria Vitae Porta is the motto of Our Lady’s School. This gives the idea that life is a journey, with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, as guide. The Feast of the Presentation, 21st November, foundation of the Religious of Christian Education, is celebrated each year in the school.

Father Lafosse and the Founding Sisters developed an educational system based on academic excellence and the development of the whole person. They wished to create a happy, joyful atmosphere, where pupils could develop their talents.

In 1953, at the invitation of the Archbishop of Dublin, Our Lady’s School, Templeogue was opened. Following the ideals of Father Lafosse and the early Sisters, the school is a community which stands for Christian values. The Education offered aims at a search for the Truth, the formation of Christian faith and the growth and personal development of each person. Staff, pupils and parents participate in the educational process and the quality of relationships between them is of vital importance. The school reaches out to the wider community.