Religious Jesus and Mary

The Reliogious of Jesus and Mary were founded by Claudine Thevenet in Lyons, France, in 1818. Her aim was to make Jesus and Mary known and loved by means of a truly Christian Education.

Today, the Jesus and Mary Schools foster an integrated education where each individual is valued and respected. We believe, like Claudine, that young people-

Grow in a sense of personal worth and feel themselves loved by living together in an Educational Community;

Develop in a more integrated way when surrounded by a family spirit of warmth and security;

Need to prepare solidly for the world of work so as to enable them to face the future reality with faith and confidence;

Respond to a methodology which is characterised by love, patience and forgiveness, and to the guidance of teachers who attend individually and progressively to their development, taking into account their particular talents and circumstances in life;

Need support and guidance, which if given at the opportune time can help forestall errors of judgement and prevent mistaken choices.

The Jesus and Mary Educational Communities recognise that young people are the hope of tomorrow and a powerful force for renewal in the Church and in the World.

Jesus and Mary Secondary Schools

Our Lady’s Grove, Goatstown Rd., Dublin 14

Enniscrone, Co. Sligo

Gortnor Abbey, Crossmolinia, Co. Mayo

Salerno, Threadneedle Rd., Salthill, Galway

Jesus and Mary Primary Schools

Our Lady’s Grove, Goatstown Rd., Dublin 14

Scoil Ide, Salthill, Galway