Faithful Companions Of Jesus

Marie Madeleine d’Houet (1798-1858) was inspired to found a Society that would be called Faithful Companions of Jesus. The example of Mary and the Holy Women of the gospel who stayed with Jesus throughout His passion, death and resurrection greatly influenced her. To be faithful is one of our core values that we entrust to you.

Marie Madeleine was profoundly affected by the words of Jesus from the cross, “I am thirsty”. She beleived that these words expressed Jesus’ desire to bring God’s love to all people.

We FCJ sisters desire that this same mission be continued through the work of education in each school community.

This we entrust to you.

Marie Madeleine was inspired by the Constitutions and the Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius. To be contemplative in action and to find God in all things are the heart of this spirituality.

We FCJ sisters desire that each school community will follow this inspiration so as to be messengers of hope to our world.

This we entrust to you.

May each FCJ school community be faithful to Gospel values especially companionship, gentleness, compassion, courage and confidence