Congratulations on Leaving Certificate Results

Congratulations on the results achieved in all our Le Chéile schools last Friday.  Always a busy day when you are juggling lots in addition to the return to school! Congratulations to all students of our Le Chéile schools and their families. Results do not define you as a person rather your choices, your values, your personality but education is a gateway towards the future and I want to wish every student every success in moving forward and hope that in the future you will be proud to be a Le Chéile past-pupil and give back to your school and community.

Please convey my ‘Well Done’ message to all your staff who supported our students through unprecedented times.  Every teacher, school leader and member of non-teaching staff plays a huge role in supporting the students and their families in so many ways, not just academically, but through supports, guidance, care, creating a sense of belonging, confidence, setting expectations and giving feedback for improvement. As we all know each set of results has a back story and I want to thank you for being part of that story.

Thank you to everyone who has made a unique contribution to the team, from being the person who believed in the student, who showed empathy, forgiveness, gave witness to the living of gospel values both in school and online.  Equally to all the home supports that were put in place, the school meals provision, laptop initiatives anything that supported our students through the last 2 years.  I am sure there are so many thankful students and parents who may not articulate their thanks and appreciation, so I shall for them. Students that were coaxed to attend, students that needed extra attention to complete work, students doing LCA, students that had high anxiety, students with SEN, students that needed extra push to apply for CAO or FE routes, apprenticeships or scholarships. Throughout all our schools there exists many opportunities as well as challenges.  Together as school teams we adapt to our unique context and share that desire to see our students shine and progress.  Now it is over to our students to make the most of their next steps. We wish them every success and blessing.

Marie Therese Kilmartin, CEO