St. Laurence College celebrates its first Pay It Forward Day Activity 1

Two of our Marianist Brothers met with all of the 1st Years in the Prayer Room for a “Telling their Story” session. Where the students got to ask the Brothers questions about their lives. 

Bro Fred as he is affectionately know comes from Pittsburgh, Pensilvania, in the USA. He has lived in Ireland since 1968 and was part of the design and building team of St Laurence College. He manages the Maintenance department and teaches 1st Year religion. 

Fr Mike Reaume who is also part of the Marianist community comes from Cleveland, Ohio and has been in Ireland since 1982. 

Fr Mike is part of the Chaplaincy Team in the School. He is celebrating 60 years of ordination this year.  

Our students got to hear what the Bros were like as teenagers and how they became Marianist Brothers. We even heard about their experience of Prom night! The Students loved hearing their stories and it gave them an understanding of the generosity of spirt that these wonderful men have. 

Activity 2 “Getting to know you” This was a wonderful experience for our 5th and 2nd Year students as they got to know each other in a more meaningful way. Even though we are a small school community many of these students didn’t know each other except for meeting on a corridor or in the Canteen. This was a special opportunity for them to get to know each other. It was a fun exercise and it even brought the shyest of students out of themselves. 

Activity 3

We were so great full to Mrs Mulholland (who is a geography teacher) for forming a 1st Year Choir. The school doesn’t have a Music department so it was very generous of Mrs Mulholand to give of her free time to do this. They enhanced all our school liturgical celebrations throughout the year. On Pay it Forward Day Mrs Mulholland had prizes for each of the choir members to say thank you for their wonderful congratulation to our school community. 

The final photo of our school on the day is of Ms McCarthy and all of her classes on that day. With each class she did an activity about being ‘kind to others’. 

Our school community really enjoyed the day and it was an opportunity to be more aware of others and how they live their lives and for all of us to be kind to others. 

Thank you to Le Chéile for introducing this day to our school and we look forward to seeing how other schools celebrated their day. 

Kind regards 

Mary McBride