Le Chéile Pay It Forward Day 2019

At Laurel Hill Coláiste FCJ, the Le Chéile Pay It Forward Day was given an environmental twist since it fell at the end of our “Seachtain Ghlas” (“Green Week”).  Throughout the week a group of dedicated 5th Year students had organised a variety of talks and activities designed to encourage students and staff to make positive changes to our lifestyles so as to halt the damage being done to our world.  On Pay It Forward Day, students and staff were invited to decide on one practical thing they would do to ‘pay forward’ all they had learned, one change they would make to their way of life – perhaps buying a reusable water bottle, shopping more ethically, or being sure to switch off lights that aren’t needed.  In order to represent this visually, they then wrote their plan on a leaf-shape and added the leaf to a display which had been made by the 5th Year students. 

Pay It Forward Day was a great way to end an informative and challenging Seachtain Ghlas.