Are you interested in finding out more about your faith?

Over the last four years the Le Chéile, Jesuit, Loreto and Spiritan school Trusts have been collaborating with one another by running courses on School Leadership. This year, in addition to the course for Middle Leaders, in collaboration with the Loyola Institute in Trinity College, we are offering a series of lectures/workshops that are aimed at providing an introduction to Theology for Principals; Deputy-Principals; teachers, staff members, parents and, Board Members.

As teachers and leaders in Catholic schools we may often wonder what really lies at the heart of our belief; what are the core insights that not only inform and guide us in our everyday dealings but might also enliven the way we look at life and the world around us.

The course will explore such key questions as:

* What do Catholics actually believe in? 

* Do you know what YOU believe in?

* What is our life about?

* What happens after death?

* Why is there so much suffering in the world?    

The costs for this course will be covered by the Trusts. Application forms and details of the programme dates and speakers are available on the forms section of our website.