Are you interested in finding out more about your faith?

Over the last four years the Le Chéile, Jesuit, Loreto and Spiritan school Trusts have been collaborating with one another by running courses on School Leadership. This year, in addition to the course for Middle Leaders, in collaboration with the Loyola Institute in Trinity College, we are offering a series of lectures/workshops that are aimed at providing an introduction to Theology for Principals; Deputy-Principals; teachers, staff members, parents and, Board Members.

As teachers and leaders in Catholic schools we may often wonder what really lies at the heart of our belief; what are the core insights that not only inform and guide us in our everyday dealings but might also enliven the way we look at life and the world around us.

The course will explore such key questions as:

* What do Catholics actually believe in? 

* Do you know what YOU believe in?

* What is our life about?

* What happens after death?

* Why is there so much suffering in the world?    

The costs for this course will be covered by the Trusts. Application forms and details of the programme dates and speakers are available on the forms section of our website.

Le Chéile Secondary School Tyrrelstown receives the Keys to their New School

Students and Staff are delighted to return to their beautiful, very, very, nearly completed new school and the pictures show the day they received their keys. Best wishes to this school Community that continues to grow with a new School House (the fifth) called Helen Keller House this year and four years of students. The school hens and ducks seemingly are still on vacation.


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St. Benildus Students create a College Garden

Photo garden

August 2016 saw the Transition Year students begin the construction of the St.Benildus School Garden. The project aimed to build an environmentally sustainable school garden that will serve the school and the wider community. It has the potential to have: strong educational links, enhance the natural surroundings, raise awareness of environmental concerns and facilitate local to global community action. To date, the Geography classes took soil samples, 5th Year Agricultural Science students sowed potatoes and onions in part of the vegetable patch under construction and some very enthusiastic 5th Year students worked in the Garden as an option in Senior P.E. The intended outcome of the project is for all members of the school community to contribute, enjoy and benefit from the creation of a school garden: Students, Teachers, Parents and Families. The school garden offers many physical and psychological health benefits for students and adults and it will also provide an 'outside' reflective area and the space can be used in the future to house school graduations whereby families reflect and rejoice together as a community.

Click here to read more about The ST. BENILDUS COLLEGE - INAUGURAL SCHOOL GARDEN

This is a link to the school garden video:


Laurel Hill, Limerick - Croagh Patrick Pilgrimage

On the 5th of May 2017, sixty Laurel Hill fourth years ventured up to Mayo to undertake one of Ireland’s highest mountain, Croagh Patrick. Tensions were high when we first spotted our first initial glimpse of our hike to come, especially when the peak of the mountain was out of view. I had no clue what to expect as I, nor any of the other girls, had any previous experience of walking uphill on a steep slope. Croagh PAtrick is said to be one of the most inspiring places of prayer in Ireland, and we had the chance to experience this for ourselves.

Every year up to twenty two thousand pilgrims climb Croagh Patrick. It is a tradition that goes back as far as almost fifteen hundred years ago. It is a place in rural Ireland that gives you the opportunity to meet other people, from both near and far, along the way.Before beginning our climb we were informed that an archaeologist discovered evidence of Christian activity,in nineteen ninety four, but also showed that Croagh Patrick was a place of tremendous importance in the pre-Christian era, as indicated by the discovery of a Celtic hill fort encircling the summit of the mountain. I made sure that I had bought a stick for support before I began the forbidding trek. Although I had never done Croagh Patrick before, from what I had heard it was pretty rocky towards the top.

Although the walk may look long and sinister from the bottom, I can assure you that it is not any of the sort. It was a great bonding experience that required each girl in my year to encourage one another to continue , and to never give up. It was a great way to help one realise that if you are in the correct mindset anything is possible. A lot of support from friends is needed as you venture off towards the latter part of the mountain. All that saying however it is very possible to accomplish the climb on your own too. It really depends on whatever you’re more comfortable doing yourself.

I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the hike because to me it felt very personal. At the end of the day it was a big achievement for all of the girls who reached the top. I was in absolute awe of the three hundred and sixty views of scenery that surrounded us on the peak.Magnificent views of Clew Bay and the surrounding south Mayo countryside are spectacular from all stages of the ascent of the mountain. It was breathtaking, something that no words can describe. You really have to see the views for yourself in person to be able to comprehend the spectacular landscape. Pictures really do not do it justice. We all were encouraged to make it to the top, no matter how much time we needed to do so. We walked at a pace that was comfortable for us, which resulted in many groups being formed along the way. After about an hour and twenty minutes the first group finally reached the summit.

Located on the peak of the mountain is a petite, white chapel that opens on special occasions throughout the Catholic calendar. It was gorgeous, and apparently there’s amazing stories of people getting married in it in the past. We were grateful for our quick pitstop on the summit. We embraced the Irish heritage that surrounded us. Everything we had in view at that moment reminded us of what a phenomenal world God has created. We all sang together, prayed together and laughed together. It was very memorable.

The journey back down was long, but really worthwhile because of the beautiful views. The walk back down had me, and many other, thinking about how we have many distractions  in our lives, but this gave us peace and quiet to step back from our hectic lives, and gain an insight into what really matters. It was such a scenic route and it made for perfect picturesque photos, and some very good memories too.

I’m so glad I chose to do Croagh Patrick as it was realistically something that I, and many other girls, may not get the chance to do again in the future. It is definitely something that I can now check off my bucket list. It was a fantastic achievement for all the girls who got involved, and it was so much fun too. For me it will be forever an incredible experience that I will not forget.


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Ard Scoil Raheny on TV

news2day 2 Tuesday 30 May 2017 RTÉ Player

Ard Scoil Raheny were recently featured on RTE’S News2day. Local Primary school students were invited to visit the school to experience a day in Secondary School and teachers and students were interviewed. Click on the link and see the lovely story. 

Image Source: See the link above

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