Pay it Forward Day

    April 12, 2019 all-day
    Pay it Forward Day

    This year we are hoping that as many of our schools as possible will take part in Pay It Forward Day.  Wonderful things are happening in the school around us and it is a great occasion to give thanks for all that is good.  Previous Pay It Forward Days in our schools saw some very imaginative ways of creating a caring and serving community, some of which are documented in stories and photographs on our website.  A big thank you to our Anam Cara’s and teachers who inspire the school community to get motivated and “Pay It Forward”.

    This year also we remind schools that at the conference we encouraged schools to give witness to their ethos by connecting with another school on the week of “Pay It Forward”.  You can do this through a visit, a skype or other possible ways of communicating.  Friendships that began at the conference can be developed by buddying up with a school and having further chats to get to know each other.