You can download a .pdf version of Charter 2014, which is the core document of the Trust. Download St. Joseph of Cluny Heritage Statement

The Green Paper and the White Paper were part of the consultation process in setting up the Trust.

The Trust also publishes regular Newsletters. You can access the current newsletter here.   Older newsletters are to be found in the Archive Newsletters section.

A reflection by John Scally on the Catholic School Partnership’s new document (October 2014) ‘Catholic Education at Second Level In the Republic of Ireland: Looking to the Future.’

A paper given by Sean Goan at a conference on Religious Education in St Angela’s College Sligo in January 2010 entitled Religious Education and a Holisitc Vision of Education

The talk given at the 2011 Le Chéile Conference exploring the link between the founders of the congegations and the work of the Le Chéile Trust may be read here.

The new reprint of the Le Chéile Charter contains a two page spread on Gospel Values and how they might impact on schol life. This artilce gives more background information on what is meant by the phrase “Gospel Values” and is intended as a help to any discussion of this vitally important topic. Gospel Values and Catholic Education