St. Benildus Students create a College Garden

Photo garden

Photo garden

August 2016 saw the Transition Year students begin the construction of the St.Benildus School Garden. The project aimed to build an environmentally sustainable school garden that will serve the school and the wider community. It has the potential to have: strong educational links, enhance the natural surroundings, raise awareness of environmental concerns and facilitate local to global community action. To date, the Geography classes took soil samples, 5th Year Agricultural Science students sowed potatoes and onions in part of the vegetable patch under construction and some very enthusiastic 5th Year students worked in the Garden as an option in Senior P.E. The intended outcome of the project is for all members of the school community to contribute, enjoy and benefit from the creation of a school garden: Students, Teachers, Parents and Families. The school garden offers many physical and psychological health benefits for students and adults and it will also provide an ‘outside’ reflective area and the space can be used in the future to house school graduations whereby families reflect and rejoice together as a community.

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