Le Chéile Pay It Forward Day 2017


Beneavin College

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Dominican College, Muckross Park

By Danielle Lawless, RE Teacher

Our fourth year students organised a bake sale for daffodil day, to raise money for cancer awareness , they raised €270 . All of the cakes were decorated with either pay it forward, a daffodil, or le Cheile. We had posters covering the school reminding other years to do something nice for someone else and our 6th year students organised a meet and greet breakfast with our first years to see how they are settling in. 
All in all the day went really well.

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FCJ Bunclody

By Simone O’Neill, Anam Cara

We began the day with an announcement over the intercom by one of the students who had been at the conference. He informed us of the role of Le Cheile, and the importance of giving expression to the gospel values which are at the heart of the Le Cheile Charter. He gave us some suggestions for Pay it Forward Day, and let us know what was planned in FCJ Bunclody. 
The Trad Group made up of senior and junior students  played for the whole school at lunchtime, a thank you to Ms Kearns for organising it. Some students took to the floor, and would be worthy rivals for River Dance!
The staff were delighted to find treats in the staffroom (even if it is lent!). 
The day was a fantastic opportunity to feel part of the wider Le Cheile Community of 62 schools, and 14 religious congregations. 

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Maryfield College, Drumcondra 

By Patricia Seery, Anam Cara

On Friday the 24th of March – we held our second “Pay It Forward Day”, here at Maryfield College. We didn’t announce it beforehand as we wanted the element of “surprise”.

When the students entered the school main entrance there was a lovely “sacred Space” created with this year’s theme – “A CUP of KINDNESS”. We hoped that this would encourage the school community to PAUSE, and THINK about kindness.

Throughout the morning we held special assemblies in the hall for each year group, and staff.

  • We introduced the theme of the day and its purpose.
  • We lit the “Le Cheile” candle, to remind us that we are part of a bigger story now, we are not just Maryfield , but we are connected to all the other schools within the Le Cheile community, who would also be trying to mark this day today.
  • We had a lovely reflection about the power of ONE to make a change.
  • We showed two amazing video-clips of two very powerful songs: (Hands by Jewel and Humble and Kind by Tim Mc Graw.
  • We suggested ways in which everyone could become involved in doing some acts of kindness during this day and over the weekend.
  • We asked the students to become involved in a “Can of Kindness” appeal – a food appeal for those in need. (Paying It Forward, again.)
  • As students were leaving the assembly hall, they received a “TEA-CUP of Kindness, with a lovely thought or a positive affirmation or quote printed on one side of the teacup. On the other side was a number.
  • Throughout the day we surprised staff and students by having them RAK’D – this meant that their number was randomly pulled out of a hat and they received prizes.
  • There was a great fun atmosphere in the whole school that day full of good nature. May it continue! Lots of people were the recipients of some lovely gifts throughout the day.
  • PIFD is a really nice feel good day on the school calendar.

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Our Lady's School, Terenure

By Marie Therese Pierce, Anam Cara


We are delighted to say that the Le Chéile Pay it Forward Day went very well.  We have noted below some of the activities that took place during the week.  We also attache some photos of the activities.

  • 2nd. Years started last week with the letters of Good Luck made by each of the second years for each of the 120 sixth years who really appreciated the thought.
  • The Social Responsibility committee organised some great activities with 2nd. Years to celebrate Le Chéile Pay it Forward Day and promote inclusivity, friendliness and general good will within their year group:

    - Secret Sisters : Involved students choosing a name of a student in their form class from a hat and being extra nice to them for the week. Many students wrote letters to their secret sister and left them in their lockers, others bought them chocolate and picked flowers for them, while some just made an extra effort to get to know this person and help them in any way they could.

    Compliment Sheet:  Completed during religion class involved students passing a sheet around the class with their name on it, and everybody writing a nice comment/compliment on it.

    -Treasure Hunt: All students (1 student from each class per team) worked together to solve clues to complete a treasure hunt in Bushy Park. Once they solved the clue they had to move to the next point to get another clue and a letter. Once all 5 clues and letters were obtained they had to solve the anagram to make the word Unity. The first team back to the starting point won.

Today (Friday) at Pastoral Care we had the whole second year group together in Lourdes Hall.  Our first task was to reiteatre the rules and how we pass the message of respect through our contacts, including social media.  Then we distributed the smiley faces and asked the girls to decorate them and on the back to note 3 acts of kindness they had experienced.(photo attached) They will be displayed on second yr notice board on Monday 

Then in groups they had to fill in the A-Z of kindness.  (Some examples attached)

Finally the girls were asked to create an emoji to represent  kindness. The top 5 entrants are attached. A winning entrant will be decided. It was a lovely meeting. The girls worked calmly and quietly and really thought about the theme. I gave sweets to everyone at the end to say thanks for their positive contribution 

First Years made cookies and bought toys for ‘Lua’ the dog belonging to the sisters in the convent.  They also made some cupcakes and bought small easter eggs for the sisters.  They went down to the convent and presented their random acts of kindness asking the sisters to pass them on.

First years placed post-its on the staff cars with a note of gratitude on each one.

Fourth years gave sweets to the Junior School students when they were taking the Faith Friend class for First Communion.  They also asked them to Pay it Forward when they went home by doing something kind for someone.

The Sixth years made Good Luck Cards for the third years who were also grateful by the kind thought.

The Principal and Deputy Principal treated the staff to Hot Cross buns at break time.  Other staff members also brought in sweets and treats for their colleagues to enjoy and pay forward.

TheStaff Social Committeebought lolli-pops for every student in the school. 

Our Ladys School Terenure 1

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Saint Dominics College, Cabra

By Karen Fanning, Anam Cara

Pay it Forward Day was a great success in St Dominic's college. We decided to start the Day with an announcement over the intercom from one of our students who attended the Le Cheile Conference. She gave us 10 ideas on how we could pay it forward and the importance of this. We then gave each year group a different activity to Pay it Forward. 1st years were all given the outline of a hand to write their name on. They then passed around the hands and everyone had to write a kind comment/word about each other on the hands. The first years really enjoyed this and were really happy to get their hand back and look at all the kind comments. 2nd years had to design and make a card for someone, a thank you card or a get well card. They also enjoyed this, many made thank you cards for a parent and it really got them thinking about how much their parents do for them. The third years were asked to carry out random acts of kindness and were given balnk cards to keep a record of this. 4th years were asked to write down one thing they were thankful for and each class made up a gratitude collage. 5th and 6th years: We put all the names into a hat and they picked out somebody elses name. They are asked to keep that person in their thoughts/prayers.










Saint Louis Carrickmacross

By Karen Patton, Principal

Today in school we are celebrating the Le Cheile pay it forward day. The idea behind the pay it forward day is for us to organise activities that express the caring nature of our school.  Last week some of our TY students secretly designed and cut out heart shapes with positive thoughts written on them and after school on Friday they alongside some of our senior prefects stuck them on the lockers of every student. We hope that you enjoyed their message to you this morning and that everyone throughout today will remember those words of positivity and pay it forward to someone else.

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St.Michael’s Holy Faith, Finglas

By: Jane Keaveney, Teacher

Here in St. Michael's Holy Faith, Finglas, as a Le Cheile school, every year we like to celebrate "Pay It Forward Day" in a special way. We believe that spreading positivity is paramount in the day to day life of the school. For this years' Pay It Forward Day, a large, eye catching display of kind words, joined hands and positive messages was set up in the reception area of the school so that as soon as the premesis was entered there was instantly a feeling that today was going to be a good day. There was a certain buzz about the place that is so hard to put in to words. Pay It Forward had every one talking.

Students were given the opportunity to use their gifts and talents through a poster competition. The theme was Kindness and the entries were outstanding.

Students also contributed suggestions to a box of Random Acts Of Kindness and every member of the St. Michael's community was encouraged to take an act and carry it out. We saw students who normally don't speak to each other having lunch together. Students who had fallen out forgave each other. Some students were given special treats by teachers and by our principal.

The staff were treated to cakes at lunchtime! The atmosphere was electric around the school and everybody left St. Michael's that afternoon with a huge smile on their face and joy in their heart.

The message is simple. Making an extra effort to do nice things for each other plants a seed that grows and grows, and we encourage people to "Pay It Forward" not just annually, but in their daily lives.

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Saint Tiernans Community School

By Sarah Redmond, Anam Cara

We had a great day last Friday for Pay It Forward. Every person in the school, students & all staff, were given a 'random act of kindness' challenge to complete during the school day. They then had to write what they did on the R.A.K. Wall (photos attached) and once they had done this they would receive a small treat from me (lollipop/jellies). There was a great buzz about the place, a lot of smiling and laughter! Also at lunch time a powerpoint was played with images, quotes and inspirational thoughts about being kind on the slides in the main hall. We played songs that had a happy/kindness theme in them to run behind the powerpoint.  It was a really enjoyable day.

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